4 Days of hard work finally are paying off…

After we got the keys we worked for 4 days. From 9 in the morning till 23:00 in the evening. We painted all the walls by now and are busy with the doors and stuff. Tomorrow we will complete this task and finish all the painting except for the doors which we will paint at some later point.

In the meanwhile my girlfriends dad made a lot of furniture for us and he’s busy with our kitchen at the moment. This is also near completion.

Tomorrow at 7 o Clock we will begin to lay down the floors in the bedroom and living room. Kinda hope this will be finished tomorrow around 2300.

Man still got a lot to tell, but don’t have the time right now and my mind isn’t quite up to it! To much to think about and to much I don’t want to think about.

Well speak to you guys soon!

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