A thing about Ownership

The last few weeks the term (or should I say buzz word) Ownership seems to come past my desk a bit to much. I find that one of the most astonishing things that happen in large corporate businesses.

In the essence ownership or giving someone (or a department) ownership about something is a good thing. It shows that you trust someone’s skills and work. It seems that it isn’t always taken for granted. Especcially in those occasions that it doesn’t fit with what people want :). Then ownership gets in the way of someone’s goals or doesn’t match someone’s ideas. That’s when ownership becomes a hassle.

There are multiple ways leading to ones goal

As with everything, people tend to construct a story in there mind (hello system 1) before proceeding to action. They need something to follow that story, or a positive answer on the question is what they need to proceed with their story. So if the answer is negative to what they expect or isn’t coherent with their story…they resist and try a different approach.

If you can’t help I’ll will go around you

So, when encountering a person that is trying to get what he wants in times the ownership lies definitely with you or your department, you know he most likely can’t help it :D. It’s not matching with their story.

It’s possible to convince the other side to stick with the rulesĀ but it will have to meet partially with what they expect though. Otherwise be prepared for long and non constructive discussions.

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