About me

I’m a creative visual designer in the broadest sense of the word. I like to keep things clean and simple. The design should fit the message being it in print, an animation or an user interface. I always deliver a tight product in close cooperation with all stakeholders.

Currently, at Vanderlande, I’m tasked with all visual design needs within the company for both on- and offline purposes. Another important part of my job is maintaining and evolving our visual brand identity by developing new style elements and guidelines.



Name: Gerben van Erkelens
Address: Zanddijk 27b
Postal Code: 5364 PW
City: Escharen
Date of birth: 31-10-1984
Sex: Male
Drivers licence: B (Dutch)
Nationality: Dutch



Type: Havo
Acquired on: May 2002
School: Merlet College, Grave, The Netherlands
Remarks: Culture and Society (Cultuur en Maatschappij)


Type: MBO Multimedia Vormgeven (Multimedia design)
Acquired on: July 2005
School: De Eindhovense School, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Remarks: Specialisation in visual design


Type: Bachelor’s of Information and Communication Technology with merit (Communication and Multimedia design)
Acquired on: February 2014
School: Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen
Remarks: CMD-C variant (part-time). Graduation project: Optimising the graphical user interface (GUI) of an on-board computer


Type: UX Certification
Acquired on: November 2018
School: Nielsen Norman Group
UX Certification (UXC# 1025324) achieved on 7 November 2018 Verify certification
Coursework Completed:
Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs Omnichannel Journeys and Customer, Experience Persuasive Webdesign, Service Blueprinting, The Human Mind and Usability, UX Basic Training


Type: Customer Experience & Journey Management
Acquired on: Juni 2021
School: Beeckestijn Business School



Date: August – December 2003
Branche: Webdesign
Company: MACS Multimedia, Gemert, The Netherlands
Function: Intern/Programmer
Description: As an intern I worked on the Mambo content management system (now Joomla) and learned the basics of the PHP programming language, HTML and CSS. Besides that I also worked on the visual design of websites using Flash, 3DS Max and Photoshop.


Datum: June – July 2005
Branche: Printing
Company: AGI Media, Uden, The Netherlands
Function: Cleaning printpresses
Description: Charged as a part-time worker with cleaning the printpress in the weekends.


Datum: January – Oktober 2004
Branche: IT
Company: Quipment BV, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Function: Intern/Graphic designer
Description: Responsible for all design work within the company.


Datum: June 2005 – June 2014
Branche: IT
Company: Quipment/Insigno Group BV, Nijmegen
Function: Graphic designer
Description: Responsible for all design work within the company.


Datum: June 2014 – January 2015
Branche: IT
Company: QTwee Nederland, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Function: Marketing employee
Description: Responsible for all design work within the company.


Datum: February 2015 – Current employer
Branche: Engineering
Company: Vanderlande, Veghel, The Netherlands
Function: Visual Designer
Description: Responsible for graphic design, visual production of print, web and animation. Guarding and evolving the corporate identity.

Volunteer Experience


Date: September 2010 – February 2019
Branche: Google Helpforums/Help on Social
Function: Google Top Contributor
Remarks: Helping users of Google’s products with problems and challenges they encounter while working with the product. Basically for all products I use myself like Google Chrome, Gmail, Inbox, Search and Android. The Top Contributor Program is Google’s official recognition of their most knowledgeable and helpful online community members. As a Top Contributor, I am a trusted partner in educating and helping users, and fostering community engagement.



As a Community Manager for Google, I’ve worked a lot with Gerben on various things. As a Top Contributor for Google, Gerben has shown an amazing passion for volunteering next to great troubleshooting and analytical skills. I appreciate and commend his way of communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds and in different situations. By supporting the community of massive Google products such as Gmail and Chrome he has had a positive effect on literally tens of thousands of people yearly, by answering their questions swiftly, friendly and correctly. Gerben excels at education users, but also providing critical thinking about process and product improvements. This has helped Google improve its products and platforms in both the short and long term. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Gerben.

Freek Vermeer (Community Manager for Google)


Gerben has an exceptional original and creative mindset, which shines through in his work as a graphic designer: an eye for beauty and the skills to make it happen. He possesses a loyal and disciplined mentality, working hard and not taking a rest before the goals are met. Considerate for the needs of the business and his colleagues he’s a valuable person to work with.

Jasper Zandvliet (Owner Zevenaar)


Gerben desinged a set of postal cards for us (IMC Weekendschool)pro bono. It came out very nicely! he was fast, flexible (even due to all small ammendments that had to be made), thought with us in a positive way and delivered good work. A nice designer to work with; thanks Gerben!

Kim van de Wetering (IMC Weekendschool)

Gerben in the team


Groupworker 25.71%
Stabile, extrovert, not dominating. Stimulates and supports the team members, promotes communication and team spirit. He integrates people and their activities, is socially attentive and can listen well. Suitable for a leading role: group workers have a strong lighting effect on teams.

Plant 20%
Dominant, very high intelligence, introverted. The man with the sudden ideas. ‘Implanted’ in quiet teams to generate creativity: he makes the new openings. A Plant evokes resistance because of a lack of practical sense and a critical attitude towards ‘stupidity’.

A company man 20%
Stable and controlled. A practical organizer, who converts decisions into concrete activities. Has a well-developed self-image and controls his feelings. Noest and disciplined but with flair in organising, especially under pressure or in confusing situations.

Chairman 17.14%
Stable, dominant, extrovert. The Chairman keeps the working method of the team under control and allows the strength of each team member to come into its own as well as possible. No extraordinary intelligence, nor any special creative gifts. However, calmness, realism and sobriety. Tolerance to listen to others, strong enough to ignore opinions.