Android vs. iOS: Let the battle begin

Let’s go a little back into my history of using smartphones. At first I didn’t want one, who needs it I thought. After a while I began to use more and more Internet related things and after a while I decided to get myself a smartphone to use those internet thingies on the go also.

So first I got myself a Nokia E71 but after getting into Google a lot I wanted an Android for that. That’s why I made the switch to a HTC Desire. It had Android on it and works flawlessly with Google products.

After a few weeks I figured Android was shitty and I needed to get an iPhone because iOS was definitely better….well for me it’s not! It’s so closed I can’t do the things I want with it. I want some control over my device and Android gives me that. Alternative browsers to use, home screens and settings the way I want. For example, I want to open links from my email in the Chrome browser, not the default one as iOS always does.

Don’t get me wrong though. Apple’s iOS is a great system. It’s stable, it’s fast and it has a lot of apps. But Android gives me more freedom, is equally fast and there are plenty of good (mostly free) apps available. And that just does a better job for me.

Unfortunately me saying this makes the Apple fanboy’s flip 360 degrees around. Calm down guys! I’m a fanboy too you know, a Google one right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw common sense aboard. Be a bit critical about the company you adore, not everything is good you know.

This caused me to back out a little. That doesn’t mean those fanboys were right, I just didn’t have the time to deal with such narrow sighted and unsubstantiated reasoning. But that changed when I found Wicked4u2c channel on YouTube. In the “Android Vs iOS – The Truth about Apple and Google’s OS” he explains the pros and cons for each OS. And he’s exactly nailing it for me. Android’s pros explained in part 1 to 5 are exactly the reasons why I think it’s the best OS right now. Keep in mind that this is my opinion. It’s not some written rule (as is the opposite).

Check out the below video to see what I mean:

You should see the differences. iOS is a great OS that does things in a certain way. As long as you don’t want to change something you’re okay. It works as is. Android on the other hand lets the user choose where he wants his stuff, what he wants to use and gives users some nice functionality (long pressing an address in browser for example). The only downside is, that Android has a small learning curve. Not everything is clear for a beginner (like the long pressing of an address or swiping away opened apps to close them).

Hopefully people will understand my reasoning a bit better now and my choice for this great mobile OS. To close off like a real fanboy….Android FTW!

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