Another year is due

It seems like yesterday that we’ve found out we were pregnant. Time really flies, Jip is already 3+ months old right now. I can’t even imagine how it was before my new mate was born. Things just seem to work out somehow although I don’t know how.

You might imagine it was a great year because of the birth of my son and of course it is! I can tell you that it solves all your problems, creates new ones but those doesn’t matter. When the little boy smiles at you when you arrive home…nothing matters any more, it’s pure luck and joy!

But not everything went that well this year. I had to pause my bachelor study because of to much time and energy that went into it. Time I didn’t have and probably won’t have for a while. I’m picking it up next February however and hope to finish it within a year and a half. Fingers crossed that will work out for me because it’s one of the most important challenges in life I just have to conquer!

There were also times, and there still are, that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Maybe some of you will know the feeling…that you’ve failed in life somehow. There were times this year that I’ve felt as a failure too. Mostly because I didn’t achieve the things I’ve wanted to achieve due to lack of time, money and ability.
But are those things really important? To some extend they were and still are. Sometimes that makes me emotional but then there’s that smile from Jip again, a newly discovered sound or something new he has learned. It’s so beautiful to see him learn new things by just watching him that failure doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

Therefore I think failure is what you make from it. It doesn’t have to be a failure just a minor hick-up in life that doesn’t have to lead to bad feelings. There’s no need for that. Take life as it is, enjoy every minute and grab what you can along the way. Do not dwell on bad things, remember the nicer ones an you’ll have a great year. I know I have…

Have a great 2013 everybody!

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