Some random thoughts about design and smaller things I like to share with you. Please bear with me though as my Dutch English sometimes takes the overhand ;)
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  • Logo mania

    It seems everyone has found me at the exact same time. It’s logo mania the last few weeks, everybody needs one ;-). Among others I have designed the corporate identity for Rook & Brand beheer, iPadCampus and TJ Metaal. All three something totally different in terms of type of company and requests. Fun!  

  • Sound design for Previcus Vastgoed commercial

    For Milky Media (RIP) I provided the sound design for a Previcus vastgoed tv commercial. It was run on Dutch TV (Nederland 1, 2 en 3). The end product consisted of a 15 second commercial and a 5 second “tag on”. Check out the example here.

  • New challenges starting after vacation

    It’s strange, summer isn’t quite over but it sure feels like it! Vacation is over and things are starting again. And things are looking good! This year will be filled with challenges and opportunities.  To begin with, I’m starting with my graduation projects in a few weeks. Hopefully next year it will bring me that…

  • To be or not to be: Responsive webdesign

    Lately responsive design is hot. Everyone wants it on their website to make it flexible for any device. This can be a smartphone, tablet or that widescreen iMac you have. I’m part of that group too, I really want to fix some responsive websites for myself, starting with my blog. But the amount of work…

  • Keeping Keep? Or back to paper

    As you’ll probably know, Google launched it’s note taking app Keep this week. Immediately everyone plunged in and started to use it. Just as fast were the people comparing it to Evernote, a top of the bill note taking app… Well note taking app is just a part of it really. I didn’t quite understand…