Colors and their meanings – Part 2

Maybe you’ll know, maybe you won’t. But I already wrote the meaning of most colors in two other posts. These however are a bit to long to keep in mind. Therefor it would be easier to have a simple table which explains most colors and shows it in a clear and simple view. Luckily I came across such table when reading a magazine about marketing. It’s so easy in use that I already use it a lot myself.

I will no longer keep you guys waiting. Here’s the table:

Blue Truth, brightness, dignity, status, might
Brown Masculinity, stability, significance
Yellow Energy, joy, spirit, lightness
Yellow green New life, spring, vigor
Grey Boring, tiresomeness, drabness, bulk
Green Fertility, peace, nature
Orange Party, abundance
Purple Royal, wealth, refinement, withheld emotion
Red Danger, love, passion, warmth, flames
Pink love, humor, friendship, loyalty
Violet Clairvoyance, wisdom, spirituality, succes, strength, healing, independence, protection
Wit Light, pure, purity, neatness, emptiness
Black Dead, rebellion, misery, end, elegance, mysterious, revenge

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