Facebook has a new look and feel? Copy that!

It’s likely that everyone has already seen the news. Facebook has a new news feed. And what to say about it. Well, they did a fine job in looking at competitors, one in particular. The attached article below does a really good job in explaining the similarities. 

Personally I think it’s really positive that Facebook copies from Google+. It shows that they’re afraid of the service and see the potential it has. Like the article writer explains:

People do say that copying is the most sincere form of a compliment and I believe this is the case. More people use Google+ every day and the more they realize that Google+ is a very substantial competitor in the field of social networks, the more Facebook is becoming worried that one day it will wake up and be the next MySpace.

I think he’s got a point there! Lately I’m seeing more and more interest from people around my social environment that are looking into it. That doesn’t mean they’re using it like any other social network though.

For example: they’re checking out features like collaborating on a document through HangOuts. But they don’t use the main stream to post messages. But still, they’re using some possibilities that are offered. In time that will expand I believe. 

Having said that, I wonder when Facebook uses Skype in a similar way to collaborate on documents. 

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