Got the keys of my new apartment

Yesterday, 3-7-2008, I finally got the keys of my new apartment. At 11 o Clock me and my girlfriend drove of towards our newly build apartment.

Our contractor was already waiting for us. Just a few minutes of waiting for my girlfriends parents and then we started of. After one hour we we’re finished going through all the rooms of the apartment. We didn’t found anything we needed to fix.

At 12:15 we went back “home” to lunch. I couldn’t eat anything so we we’re done lunching in about 10 minutes. Checked my e-mail, loaded all the paint and stuff we needed at first and went back to my new “home”. My girlfriend’s dad began working on the kitchen. We started smoothing out the walls and began to paint. We are already in front of schedule, but have to keep in mind that it still can get delayed by numerous things I don’t want to think about.

At 22:30 last night we stopped working. All our friends allready visited the apartment and after they we’re gone we decided to close the place for the day.

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