Keeping Keep? Or back to paper

As you’ll probably know, Google launched it’s note taking app Keep this week. Immediately everyone plunged in and started to use it. Just as fast were the people comparing it to Evernote, a top of the bill note taking app… Well note taking app is just a part of it really.

I didn’t quite understand that comparison and I still don’t get it. To me it’s like comparing apples to cucumbers. Both are delicious but entirely different. Same goes for Google Keep and Evernote. The last is for power users who want a lot of functionality in their note taking app.

Keep is for the simple hearted. For the ones who just need a way to quickly note something down, record a conversation, save a photo with inspiration or a simple to do list. There’s nothing more to it than that.

Of course things can be better, like better Drive and Calendar integration. It would be great to be able to see deadlines of notes inside your calendar and to be able to get there directly through Drive. But that will come in time you know, in the meanwhile just use it as you wish or use Evernote or a similar full force note taking app. Call me a simple sole, but more than basics I don’t need.

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