Let’s watch a good movie together

Just had an epic idea. Let’s watch a movie together. A cosy Sunday on the couch. Good plan…we thought. Looked in the video on demand section of our provider Ziggo. That was taking so long and caused a network error on the device.

Ok, that sucks but no hard feelings, let’s try the Smart TV options. Videoland Ondemand….created account and added payment options to go automatically every month….only possible through receiving a letter through the mail. Wow that makes watching a movie now a bit hard isn’t is? Ok ok, no man overboard. let’s add a Smart TV Account to pay through credit card…BOOM! That crashes too…

Okay, last up Pathé Thuis. Created an account, logged in. No possible way to pay like with a credit card. Adding new credits needs to go through iDeal. Oh god and that doesn’t really work well with the tablet….need to fire up the laptop then.

Well wait a minute there. It’s taking so freakin’ long to watch a movie today…I don’t want to give any money for this stupid and unnecessary annoyance. I’ll just watch TV then or download it for free….

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