Maintaining a portfolio in a collaboration world

It’s that time of the year again. Full of festivities and family time (especially with the new addition to the family) but also a time to think about the past months. What did we achieve this year, what have we done and mostly how did I evolve the past year. As every year it is both ups and downs that mark the year. Each of them bringing me to a next level.

Normally I measure progress and evolution in terms of additions to my portfolio section (both offline and here on this site). But this year I was honestly struggling with adding new work. Not that I did not create anything of value, on the contrary!

Creating things as a team

All the things I created this year and added any value were created by a team. In terms of design I was given the lead but creation happened on the fly, by the whole team, together!

And to be honest that is way better than creating something all by myself. It gives more purpose and fulfillment than a solo project. Because things really get better when you do it as a team!

That also means though that adding it to my portfolio would be wrong, as it is not mine alone. Of course I can add screenshots and mention it was a team effort but I rather link for example to a post or article that mentions the new launch of our corporate intranet.

Maybe that is how things work these days, a collection of links and articles as proof of skill instead of a portfolio which might be more visual but less in terms of proof. Let’s just say I still have some days to think about that 😉

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