Making mistakes and finding it out the hard way…

Is that the typical truth? I tend to think it is not, it’s the proper way of finding things out. Without failing now and then or without making mistakes I believe you will never reach the best possible outcome.

Think of it, how many times did you create something and afterwards immediately feel it could have been better? There should have been more fingers on a hand to count those instances 🙂

I recently found out that I made a mistake a long time ago. During the time I have deleted an older version of this website which contained a ton of blog posts.

At the time I didn’t think long enough and wanted something new, deleting all the posts I created not only as a reminder for myself but also for the rest of the world that might have similar interests.

It kept in the back of my mind though and blew up in my face every time I wanted to look back. Recently I found out there was a partial copy on the wayback machine and that there was a possibility to download HTML files from that snapshot.

It was a no-brainer to start downloading and see which stuff I could recover and to be honest, I think the best and most funny stuff is still here. Or let’s just say back in action 😉

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