New challenges starting after vacation

It’s strange, summer isn’t quite over but it sure feels like it! Vacation is over and things are starting again. And things are looking good! This year will be filled with challenges and opportunities. 

To begin with, I’m starting with my graduation projects in a few weeks. Hopefully next year it will bring me that bachelor’s degree I’ve  been working this hard for last three years. The project is all about design but also about user experience. I need to optimize a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make it better and more user friendly. An interesting challenge if I may say so.

Besides that I’ve also the possibility to do some side work in that precious free timeĀ ;-). Through Milky Media I’ve some assignments waiting for me if I want. Hopefully it will bring in some extra cash.

Anyway, a lot of new and interesting stuff coming up! Can’t wait to see how things evolveā€¦.challenges accepted!

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