Rebuilding a TV Studio

As some of you may know, we’ve recently started work (and filming) on a TV studio for a new service we want to offer our clients. Due to some room changes we needed to rebuild the TV Studio again.

We took this change and added a few changes already. We’ve decided to use green screen throughout the whole studio. That way we can create the entire background ourselves. The downside however is, how do you create such a background?

That question has different answers to it, but below video will show you how easy it looks to create it inside After Effects with the use of Photoshop. It’s easy to fix some backgrounds and throw it inside AE, but making it look pro is going to be a challenge. 

Therefore, if anybody has some tips about this, please let me know  . In the meanwhile when you find this interesting, check out the video below. There are already a lot of tips shown when looking at a light plan and the usage of different angles.T

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