Starting the design of a birthday card

It’s been busy last few weeks, which is why I haven’t had enough time to blog. With the upcoming vacation in sight I hope to have a little more time to get some work done. With a kid under way it’s time to fix the baby room, choose colours and paint the walls, furniture…well a lot of things I don’t like to do!

But there’s also a lot of fun stuff coming when you’re expecting a baby! One thing for example is a birthday card. There are a lot to chose from, but we decided (well hopefully)  to design one ourselves. I can say it’s a lot of fun to do together and helps to get the discussion started between you and your wife. What fits a baby boy?

The process is similar to any other project. First do some brainstorming and then create some sketches. While sketching even more ideas pop up. Especially when the wife is helping out. Woman just see things differently then man and that helps to create the best end result in my opinion.

Currently I’ve started to bring the final sketch to live in InDesign. Hopefully I can finish the card somewhere this month and figure out where to print them. After that I’ll show the end result on this blog…somewhere in October 

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