To be or not to be: Responsive webdesign

Lately responsive design is hot. Everyone wants it on their website to make it flexible for any device. This can be a smartphone, tablet or that widescreen iMac you have. I’m part of that group too, I really want to fix some responsive websites for myself, starting with my blog. But the amount of work that I have to put in relatively is just too much.

It takes time to figure out those media queries and even more time to get the CSS right. I know, I know, it’s just a matter of hours and you’re done. But when looking at my website on mobile it shows the somewhat similar styled mobile layout. On tablet it just looks good already without scaling it down. So why the hassle in getting it responsive?

A question that is important I think. Because screen resolutions get higher on mobile devices. Screens get more detail and easier to read. And with the speed those developments are thrown at us I think the need for responsive design isn’t necessary in a few years. Why the need to scale it down to 700 pixels wide if the auto scaled version looks great and is easily readable…get the point?#

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