Why changing because others do isn’t always a good thing.

Have you been in situations where business opponents made certain changes in their visual brand identity? Which lead to colleagues screaming for something similar? As if the apocalypse is imminent when you don’t change? And in the meantime destroying the positive experience for your user?
I’ve certainly been in one of those situations and things fade away in (hopefully a short) period of time ;-).

As I do understand it feels like a loss when you are not adapting fast enough to an opponents new visual style. It can give you the feeling you’re getting one step behind. It’s not mandatory though to make a similar change just to “keep up“. As long as you keep consistent and keep researching the evolution of your visual design, don’t worry about the screamers.

Because, by keeping consistent you are paving the path to become recognizable the instant a user sees your brand. Eventually you will get to a point where consistency is high and you can start optimizing for each of your touch points. Both in terms of visual design and functionality. After that stage you can even wander into the world of seamless designs, providing your users (a.k.a. your customers) a pleasant and optimal experience throughout different devices.

Imagine that! Creating one seamless experience throughout the whole process the user interacts with your brand and make him leave with a smile after reaching its goal. You can even dream further and start orchestrating the experience for them as long as you keep your users needs in focus.

Sounds like an utopia? Well, maybe if you listen to screamers to much it might be. If you stick to your process though and filter out the feedback that’s available between the screams you will be alright.

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