Why don’t people search first!?

The last few months I keep getting confronted with lazy people and online stupidity. Especially on discussion boards it seems to be more common every day I visit one, not to mention the help forums. More and more people are finding it hard to do a decent search first. Or maybe the net is flooding with so called n00bs these days, who knows. Anyway, it seems that the same questions are getting asked repeatedly recently.

A little example. Some Gmail setting was changed as response to the recent hacks originated in some Chinese dudes. Gmail now starts in https:// mode instead of the normal http:// protocol. Google stated it could give performance problems for some people and of course it will for some of us. I mean there are still people using IE as default browser, solely through ignorance. And we all know that IE becomes slow while using https:// sometimes, that comes with the product unfortunately.

Due to these performance problems users experienced, the forum got flooded with the same questions. After four threads there was already a solution available! But people kept asking the same questions over and over, meanwhile the solutions was easy to find using a simple search option which was: Gmail is slow. And if they looked a bit further they would have seen similar topics on the first forum page! Really frustrating to see that many people just not taking any time to search or even look! I won’t say I’m a saint on the Internet, but I do read and search before I ask something. I also feel a bit stupid when I find out that the solution is there to take.

It seems to me that this sort of situation are getting more common every week. Don’t have a solution for it, even pinned topics doesn’t solve this problem. Then again, we still don’t have a solution for stupidity, guess that’s the same in this case. Ah well, maybe the future will bring us some sunshine for this, I can’t wait for that day to come.

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